Interview Requests

Members of the Peranakan association do grant interviews subject to their availability. Interviewers are required to:

  1. Send us the reason/topic for the interview e.g. to know more about weddings or food or the family or kebaya. We like being prepared.
  2. Bring all the equipment you need. Yes, it is okay to ask your interviewer to take your photo with his camera but do not complain if it isn’t to your liking.
  3. Prepare some questions to ask or topics to discuss. We love discussions but we are not lecturers who give one-way information.
  4. Prepare by reading something about Peranakans so you can ask meaningful questions.,
  5. Be prepared to treat your interviewer for a lunch or dinner at a simple restaurant or eating place as a way of saying thank you.
  6. Always remind your interviewee of the appointment a few days before.
  7. You will be required to give our association a copy of your submission paper and you must acknowledge your interviewee. E.g. “I would like to acknowledge Baba Pepper Lim and the PPBNKLS for their kind assistance in this project.”

Please email your requests to:

2 Responses


    hello. hai saya hawa pelajar UPM. sedang membuat kerja lapangan tentang masyarakat baba nyonya. bolehkah saya melakukan temubual ringkas melalui telefon untuk kajian saya. kerjasama pihak tuan amatlah saya hargai. terima kasih.

  2. wan sharmimee
    wan sharmimee at |

    Hello!!Hai saya sharmimee pelajar dari MSU,Universiti shah ingin tahu adakah saya boleh melalukan temubual serta rakaman video di PPBNKLS.Ini adalah tugasan untuk projek TITAS(tamadun islam tamadun asia tenggara) mengenai pertembungan tamadun baba nyonya melalui interaksi pemakanan antara tamadun melayu..Sekiranya pihak tuan/puan tidak keberatan,bolehkan saya pergi ke tempat tuan/puan pada minggu ini untuk melakukan kajian saya…Sekian,terima kasih.

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